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Creative Expression through Collage     


This workshop incorporates the use of collage as a tool for creativity. Through the various intentions we set when doing this form of creative  work we learn  to express  our exterior lives and innerlandscape through symbols, images and metaphors. This six week program is a hands on creative workshop designed to promote creativity, inspiration and exploration through diverse applications of collage generated from the unconscious mind.  All materials are included. 


Wk 1 – Collage Basics

Expression of your inner world through images, symbols, metaphors. Tools and techniques.

Wk 2  - Paper Dreams

Collage a dream and explore the possible meanings.  

Wk 3--  Mosaics

               Learn the ancient art of mosaics.

Wk 4 – Mandala Collage

               The mandala signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground." ~ Carl Jung

Set an intention -
What do I need most to be whole?

Wk 5 - Vision Board

               Creating your world through intention.

               What do I want to manifest in my life?

Wk  6 – Mixed  Media collage

               Scrap to art – using objects to embellish .

Transpersonal Reflection and Creative Writing   


This workshop focuses on writing as a tool for expression, creation, reflection and  beyond. This 5 week course combines the use of writing in various forms, reflection and creative work. This is  one credit, 10 hour, University class I teach at Sofia University. The concept is to use both sides of the brain ini a wholistic way.  Each week there is a writing exercise and assignment accompanied with a creative expression. Each session can be done with the class time allowed.

Wk 1. Stream of Consciousness /Raku Poetry/Mnemonic verse

Wk. 2. Figures of Speech/ Creating affirmations

Wk. 3. Rashomon Effect/ 4 perspectives

Wk. 4. Paper Dreams/ Group work

Wk. 5. A Story/ Reflections

Life Design For The Soul

If you are interested in seeking your highest potential this is the program you will love. Life Design For The Soul is my signature program to create your most beautiful, effecient and creative innerworld. There are so many aspects to living a blananced life that is  filled with purpose, meaning, love, abundance and joy. There is work to be done. The formula for navigating life to produce these results takes time, effort and most of all, a supportive environment for learning. Sessions include lecture, group or individual discussion, assignments and accountability! 

Topics covered in this  program vary. This is designed to accomodate all schedules and personal interest. These sessions can be signed up for individually.  Topics covered include the following with new topics added regularly.

Re-Inventing Yourself                                                                           

Learning New Skills

Changing Careers

How To Re-Frame a Crisis

Starting a New Chapter

Travel and Adventure ...

Health, Wellness and The Body You Want!


Paper Dream Workshop


This in depth three hour workshop combines creative expression through collage with Jeremy Taylor’s foundation of dream exploration. ” Paper Dreams” function in the same way that traditional dreams do. They are aimed at generating conscious insight into something that was previously unconscious and unknown. 
In this workshop each person will spend time creating their “Paper Dream” and then work through to the deeper meaning, message or insight offered through the unconscious mind. Both individually and as a group we will discuss the inevitability of projection when sharing and working with dreams. We will learn about archetypes as universal symbols, and the central importance of the “AHA!” of insight.  Following Jung's work on the universal consciousness, we collectively find meaning and wisdom in each "Paper Dream".
This workshop is fun, creative, explorative, and provocative.  *This program provides personal as well as group experience for continued  exploration of dreams in  more advanced dreamwork workshops.
All materials are provided. No experience necessary! Good for all ages!

*This is a prerequisite for admission to the Dreamscape Workshop.




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