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Life Moments The Art of Expressive Collage

Life is all about moments. A thousand little moments happen every day. Most of those moments remain uneventful in our minds. A few make our hearts beat. And then, even fewer, just blow our socks off! Those are the moments that become memories. But most of the time, we live in the small moments that serve as our foundation, the building blocks that create our lives. Those get filed into our subconscious. Together, the assemblage of conscious and unconscious moments comprise our experience.

Typically we memorialize our big life moments. A birth, a graduation, a wedding. Photographs, paintings, mementos – all find their way into a folder, scrapbook or photo album. Those events are forever captured in the world of images that remain in our conscious minds as well as on our shelves or walls. We pull these items out occasionally to remember those important times. But what about the thousands and thousands of moments that pass by soon forgotten, unrecorded and not deemed worthy of glorification or remembrance? Isn’t that what constitutes the bulk of our lives?

Creative Expression is what I use to memorialize all those small moments that would otherwise go forgotten. Many have already escaped my conscious mind which is why I find collaging is so great. As I immerse myself in the world of collage, I lose sense of time and self. I plunge into the world of images, colors, shapes. I allow my soul to indulge in whatever it is drawn towards. A smile? A watch? A black and white print? A snake? Whatever seems to call out is chosen by a self that speaks without words. These images are from my forgotten moments.

I believe that the images selected from experiences from my past are just as important as those kept in focus. They symbolize something small but significant – a memory, a smell, a joy or a pain. They come with a story of some moment that once existed. They provide a place and home for the experience that has been processed but not expressed. The images in my collage come together just like words come together and they both tell stories. They offer wisdom. They suggest options and expose us to parts of ourselves that have been lost or hidden. Often, the images reflect some aspect of my personality, my hopes, my likes and my feelings. They are the path of my transformation.

I’ve always considered myself a “creative” person. It didn’t matter where or what I was doing, I would find a way to make it pretty, colorful or memorable. From sewing a dress for my daughter and her doll, to cooking dinner or having a drink with friends, I could always find color and fun in the experience. Each activity was processed with energy, enthusiasm and love. I cherish the different pieces of my life – good and bad. But even the hard times, and challenging moments were worthy of remembrance. Which is why I ended up writing a book about my time in China.

That book was my first introduction to Creative Expression. I didn’t know it at the time. It was through this class that I truly understood how to make sense of life. . Experience – Process- Express. The latter more specifically being Creative Expression.

Collage has now become a way for me to go deeper in my desire to connect with myself and the world around. I like it better that writing. It is a pictorial form of communication that touches the heart and soul in a way that words do not. Collage has become a way for others to visually “see” through my eyes.

Analogous to life, collage grows and develops. Just as I’ve learned different languages or ways of communicating, I’ve learned various methods of collage. Soul Collage, Mandala Collage, Photo Collage, Paint Collage, Multi-Media Collage and any combination of them all, serve as a means to Creative Expression.

I named my book Chopstix because I said life was like eating with chopsticks. Just one little bite at a time. Piece by piece. Moment by moment. That is what life is made of. Thousands of moments. Just like a collage, the book contains about seventy five stories. Simple snapshots of moments in China and what I learned from them. In a way, this was my first expressive collage. Through the art of collage, I’ve learned to take moment by moment, piece by piece symbolically and create visual representations and expressions of the many moments that comprise who I am.



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