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Fees and Packages

Fees and Packages

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All sessions are 50 minutes, whether in office or via phone or Zoom.


                                 New Growth 

1 Month weekly (1 Introductory session and 4 weekly sessions)                                       $500.00

This Package is great for new clients who are just beginning their coaching experience. With four consecutive weekly sessions we can enhance your growth and achieve immediate results. By setting a good foundation we ensure that you will find success.

This is also serves those who want to experience high performance weekly workouts or are dealing with crisis and need additional focus and help.


Maintenance and Accountability

hand stacking balanced stones    3 Months bi weekly (6 sessions)                                             


   My three month program is designed to help clients maintain and continue building upon their coaching success and move on towards increased growth and progress. Keeping on track requires consistency. As with any wellness program, this is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  A check in every other week helps to keep ideas fresh, goals on track and make adjustments when needed. 

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7 sessions flexible schedule    $650.00           

The 7 Session Flex Schedule program is created for those who have the desire to be consistent but may need the flexibility to have multiple sessions in any given week, month or year. It is an "on call" program to address emergencies, be spontaneous, or just to work around those whose lives are often unpredictilble.


Going Solo Coaching Sessions

Life Design For The Soul

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        Single Session   $145.00              

The independant client may not want to comitt to a package. This offers the opportunity to pay as you go with no future obligations. It is often good for those who need immediate clarification, inspiration or focus on a single issue which can be addressed in a solo session.  

For those wishing to learn privately from the topics offered in the Life Design For the Soul workshop can also register at this rate. 







           Group Size from 4-10

  This three hour workshop combines creative expression through collage with Jeremy Taylor’s foundation of dream exploration.

”Paper Dreams” function in the same way that traditional dreams do. They are aimed at generating conscious insight into something that was previously unconscious and unknown. 
In this workshop each person will spend time creating their “Paper Dream” and then work through to the deeper meaning, message or insight offered through the unconscious mind. Both individually and as a group we will discuss the inevitability of projection when sharing and working with dreams. We will learn about archetypes as universal symbols, and the central importance of the “AHA!” of insight.  
This workshop is fun, creative, explorative, and provocative.  This program provides personal as well as group opportunities for continued  growth and development. 
All materials are provided. No experience necessary! Good for all ages!’



        Transpersonal Reflection and Creative Writing     

                                  Life Design For The Soul


For more information on hosting or joining a workshop, please contact me directly.

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