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I have a number of books that my clients find inspiring. If you would like to purchase one or more of these, just order below:


Chopstix: Healing My Heart in the Heart of China

Divorced after 27 years of marriage, a suburban homemaker finds herself at the gates of an unknown university in the heart of China. A Craigslist ad- "Teach English in China" - provides an escape from her broken life. It's the beginning of an incredible journey into the unknown, where she will experience heartache and love, danger and uncertainty, and she will challenge herself in ways she never thought possible. Chopstix is a collection of true stories that reveal one woman's journey of self-discovery, healing and rebirth.

Available in Hardcopy or Kindle.

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A Vegan Thanksgiving: Kindle Edition

A Vegan Thanksgiving? Really? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Not necessarily. The holiday season can be filled with delightful dishes that will please even the most discriminating guest. This festive holiday menu includes recipes, directions, photos and shopping list will make even a novice vegan cook seem like a master chef. Whether you plan on a formal dinner or home-style buffet, these recipes will fit the occasion.

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Sias International University: A New Model of Education for the 21st Century

SIAS International University is one of a kind, reflecting a fusion of East and West in perfect harmony. This university, located in the heart of China, can fly the American flag, offer its students an American Bachelor’s degree and provides the best English speaking opportunities with the most foreign faculty. But even more astounding, is the model of education. From architecture to programs, Sias has an approach to education that is holistic.

Available in Paperback or Kindle.

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